Regular Autoflower

  • Girl Scout Cookies TopFlite Autoflower

    Girl Scout Cookies TopFlite Autoflower: GSC give you pain relief as well as helps with anxiety and PSD.  This strains lineage comes from crossing OG with an F1 Durban. OG is a mystery crossed with Afghan Kush and Durban is a landrace strain from South Africa. These two together make it a WINNING combination.


  • Gorilla Glue #16 TopFlite Autoflower

    Gorilla Glue #16 TopFlite Autoflower will not disappoint you with its super sticky gorilla size buds that smell like you are in a pine forest. Most people like this strain that is high in myrcene and terpinolene.

  • Zkittlez TopFlite Autoflower

    Despite having only 15% THC on average (which is low compared to other modern strains from the US), Zkittlez TopFlite Autoflower packs a real punch and a surprisingly creative and uplifting high for his indica-dominant strain. Zkittles will make you feel relaxed, but also happy and focused.


  • Cherry AK-47 TopFlite Autoflower

    Cherry AK-47 TopFlite Autoflower is a sativa dominant (70/30%) strain that creeps up on you. starting with cerebral stimulation to complete body relaxation, providing a balance of effect


  • Blueberry TopFlite Autoflower

    Blueberry TopFlite Autoflower: Blueberry strain was created by DJ Short, a legendary cannabis breeder who experimented with various landrace strains in the 1970s and 1980s. He later collaborated with grower Dutch Passion to distribute his seeds.


  • Critical Mass TopFlite Autoflower

    Critical Mass TopFlite Autoflower is a reworked excellent Version of an old breed once known as Big Bud. Critical Mass is an absolute must for the cultivator who demands a high yield and a quality bud. An expected yield indoors would be about 650-750 grams per square meter and even more for the experienced cultivator.


  • Gelato TopFlite Autoflower

    Prepare for a sensory explosion as Gelato’s TopFlite Autoflower aroma tantalizes with sweet and dank notes, hinting at the powerful indica effects to come. Dense, trichome-drenched buds deliver a THC punch of 25-27%, melting away pain and inducing deep relaxation.

  • Sunset Sherbet TopFlite Autoflower

    Sunset Sherbet TopFlite Autoflower  a body-focused strain that also uplifts the mood. It induces gentle euphoria and calmness, thanks to its high THC and unique terpenes. Its sweet and earthy flavors are a delight for the senses.

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