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CBD Outdoor Mix is a pack of feminized seeds from CBD Crew, a company that specializes in CBD-rich strains. CBD Outdoor Mix contains a variety of indica-dominant strains that are suitable for outdoor growing and have a high CBD to THC ratio of at least 1:1. CBD Outdoor Mix can produce plants with different flavors, such as fruity, skunky, or spicy, and can induce a mild and balanced effect. CBD Outdoor Mix can help with various medical conditions, such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seizures.

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CBD Crew’s CBD Outdoor Mix produces short, predominately indica plants to ensure fast flowering and finishing. The plants are self-supporting and produce tight compact buds. Due to the variation of the phenotypes, there is a healthy breadth of tastes and flavors found within.

CBD Outdoor Mix is a medicinal cannabis seed pack from CBD Crew, a leader in CBD-rich strains. CBD Outdoor Mix offers a range of indica-leaning strains that are easy to grow outdoors and have a balanced CBD and THC ratio of at least 1:1. The different phenotypes that this pack can produce offer a variety of tastes and aromas, from sweet and fruity to pungent and spicy, and a gentle and relaxing effect. This strain is beneficial for various health issues, such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seizures.

The flowering stage for all the seeds in the outdoor mix take approximately 8-10 weeks to fruition but keep an eye out as the calyxes change color and turn milky. You may have to harvest some plants earlier than others as the varieties can vary per seed. This feminized version will ensure that you get the plant you are looking for.

CBD crew’s strains are very well known for their dank crystals and the outdoor mix is no exception. The buds tend to swell quickly in their final stages and cure rock hard. With such high sticky resin content, all the plants in the outdoor mix are bound to make some of the finest oils, shatter or wax. Outdoor mix is an excellent choice for those that are growing to make medicines or products.

Genetics (indica / sativa): 70 / 30
Flowering Time (weeks): 8 to 10
Yield (gr / m2 / 600W): 300 to 500
Sex: Feminized
THC % (average): 5
CBD % (average): 5
Ratio THC:CBD: 1:01
Aroma: Full spectrum of flavors.

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