"Working with people is not just about achieving a goal, it's about nurturing relationships, embracing diversity, and recognizing the immense power of collective effort. Together, we can create miracles and change the world."

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The start of #teamnice

"Surround yourself with people who are smart, capable, and can help you achieve your goals. Building the right team is crucial. -Howard Marks

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Cannabis Cultivar Tester – Mr. Nice Brand#teamnice@mrnicecrew

Sponsored by #spiderfarmer@spiderfarmerled| US Coast Guard Veteran.

Autism Fighter


Husband, father, two amazing kiddos one autistic. Sponsored by @OldSoulCultivators Genetics tester for@mrnicecrew Owner of Kilo42 genetics Co.#mrnice



Green Leopard Sea of Beam with G630 Top light and AutoPot 3.9 gallon system. Genetics grower for Mr. Nice #TeamNice #CannaLand #GreenLeopard

Canna Claus

Santa’s hippie brother, internet radio host 4680Q.com growing, activism, education Chillum maker and seller

NewSauce Genetics

Husband, father of 4. Starting over at 45. Specializing in long flowering sativas that help veterans with PTSD and spasticity from nerve damage

Pearly Baker Edibles

Medicine woman Photographer. I have late night conversations with the moon, he tells me about the sun and I tell him about you.

What is #teamnice?


The Mr. Nice brand believes in fostering relationships with those that stand out in some way, from the rest.

The brand will solicit for applicants under the careful eye of our ‘social media maven’ named Sadie. 

Sometimes, we will hand out ‘golden tickets’ which is a shoe in on this page. This means we really love you. 🙂

This depends on product launches as well as if we are looking to expand a line of products.

The founding members of the Mr. Nice brand colored outside of the boxes too and hey, they turned out ok. You be you. We look for newbies sometimes too as we all started somewhere.

We are Mr. Nice and we know what we got here. 🙂 We want the best of the best or the best of intentions.

Feedback is important to us and hey, we give you a part on our corporate page so, send us pics and links and be the face of #teamnice. 🙂 We think it’s like old school meets new school but all grown up and legal.